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What Kind of Soul Are You?

You Are a Dreaming Soul
Your vivid imagination takes you away from this world
So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time.
You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all...
But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult.

You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you.
Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses.
Underneath it all, you are brimming with passion that you keep hidden.
Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life.

Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

The Special Two (3/?)

Chapter 3

            Bella, Nate, Kaitlin, and Addie decided to watch the movie Marley and Me. They had just gotten to the part where Marley ate the carpet sampling book, when Addie’s cell phone started ringing. Addie picked up the phone and answered it as she walked upstairs to talk so she wouldn’t bother the kids. It was her stepson, James, calling from his dad’s cell phone. He described what he, his dad, and grandparents had been doing in great detail. Addie smiled as she listened to him, exclaiming and asking questions in all the right places. James pretty much considered her his mother. His biological mother had died when he was very young, and he does not remember her. After a while, she asked him to put his father on the phone.

“Hi, honey.”

“Hi, how are you?” Addie asked, sounding concerned.

“I’m okay. I’m a little tired and have had trouble catching my breath a few times, when James and I have been playing touch football in the evenings.”

“Pete, you know you should be taking it easy. You know what the doctor said.” Addie said sounding very concerned.

“I know, I know. How are you and the rest of the kids?”

“We’re good, but I still think we should tell all of them about your-”

“Let’s not get into this now, Addie. I need to go. James, Anna’s parents, and I are going to the pool.” Pete said, cutting Addie off.

 “Okay,” she said reluctantly, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”



Addie hung up the phone, looking very concerned. He’s a doctor for God’s sake. He should know better than to ignore their recommendations.


            Addie walked back downstairs. When she sat down the movie was almost over. After the movie was over, Kaitlin asked if she could call her dad. After Kaitlin borrowed Bella’s cell phone and walked into her mother’s office, Bella, Nate, and Addie were left alone.

“So, how are James and Pete?” asked Nate.

“They’re good.” Addie said. She didn’t like keeping things like this from the kids, but Pete needed to be on board with telling them as well. “So, are guys looking forward to seeing your dad today?”

“Yeah.” they said murmuring their accent.

When Kaitlin got back, she told them that Derek said they could come over anytime. Addie glanced at her watch. It was about 1:30, so she told them they were going to leave at 1:45 to give them time to get their stuff together.


When Addie pulled into Derek and Meredith’s driveway, in her Honda Accord, she immediately spotted Derek and Meredith directing where the boxes and furniture are supposed to go. She also noticed that Dylan, their 18 month old son, seemed to have fallen asleep in his play pen, which was in the now glaring sun, without a hat or any type of shade. She shook her head as the kids got out of the car, and she slowly followed. He’s going to be absolutely miserable if he gets sunburned. Clearly Derek hasn’t glanced over there in while. He had always been very concerned about sunburns when we would go to the beach with the kids when they were that age. It’s none of your business, Addie. Meredith will throw a fit if you say anything.

Conner, Derek and Meredith’s other, 3 ½ year old, son, immediately shouted “hi” and launched himself at Nate as soon as he spotted him. Addie smiled. That kid adores him. Derek and Meredith turned around after they heard their son shout. Derek walked over hugged Bella, Kaitlin, and Nate before turning to her. Meredith hung back, and then decided to go check on Dylan. The kids went to go say hi to Meredith.

“Hi.” She said as they hugged awkwardly. She had felt a jolt of electricity, when they touched.

“Hi.” He said back, having felt a jolt when he hugged her that he never felt when he hugged his current wife.

“So, um, what time do you want me to pick up the kids this evening?”

“You don’t need to. I’ll bring them to your house around 9:00. Is that okay?”

“That’s good.” She said, just wanting get the hell away from him before she was overpowered by her desire to jump him.

“So how are things with Pete?”

“Things are good.”

“You know it’s not a betrayal to talk about it. We are friends.” He said taking her hand in his, the whole time wanting to kiss her.

“So we keep saying.”

“How can you feel so guilty when nothing happened between us, in April?”

“Because being in synch with your ex-husband when you’ve both remarried, is more painful than not being in synch with your husband. I need to go. Bye, Derek.”

“Bye, Addie.” He replied sadly after she backed out of the driveway.


The Special Two (2/?)

Chapter 2

            Addison woke up at 8:15, which is late for her since she normally gets up at 5:45, the following morning. She’s thankful its Saturday because it has been a very stressful week, but she doesn’t think it will get any less stressful any time soon. Derek, his (new) wife, and their two boys: Conner (3 ½) and Dylan (18 months) are now going to be living 10 minutes away. It’s great for Bella, Nate, and Kaitlin to have their Dad around more; but the flip side of that is they will be constantly reminded of what they used have, before Derek and I screwed up our marriage, that their half-brothers have now. She’s hoping for the best, but she’s anticipating quite a few big fights between Meredith and Bella. From what she has heard, from Kaitlin and Bella herself, Bella and Meredith barely tolerate each other.

            Once Addison has showered and gotten dressed (she skipped her workout today), she goes downstairs to get something to eat. She decides to get a bagel and cream cheese, to take outside to look at the ocean. As she sits at the table, she sees Sam outside on his porch. They both say “Good Morning” and Sam walks over to visit. They chat about work, Bella, Nate, Kaitlin, and Maya. Then Sam asks her about Derek and Meredith’s move to Los Angeles.

“It’s great.” She says, trying to smile.

“Then way do you look like you’re about to cry?”

“Because the kids and I moved down here to start over; away from the mess Derek and I made of our lives. Meredith is a constant reminder of what Derek and I lost over 5 years ago. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love Pete, but it’s not the same type of love. Sometimes, I just really miss the kind of love Derek and I used to have; maybe I’m crazy, but I swear it didn’t feel like it was gone between us when Derek was here in April, and Pete got called in to work.” She rambles so she doesn’t start crying.

“It’s okay. You aren’t crazy; everyone who has known the two of you since your wedding, when Derek sang that song, can still sense the connection between the two when you’re both within 10 ft of each other. H*ll, Cooper and Violet sensed it at that party in April. People love each other in different ways; just because you still love Derek doesn’t mean you aren’t in love with Pete.”

Addison says thanks to Sam, without bothering to correct him, and asks him not tell anybody but Naomi about their conversation. Sam promises he won’t tell anybody but Naomi, then they both have to go get started on their errands/ to do lists for today.


Addison stands at the counter and looks over the grocery list in her hand that is usually on the refrigerator. Then she puts it on the counter and writes a note to Nate telling him that she is going to pick up his sisters, drop by the grocery store, and asking him to clean his room and be sure to change the water in his fish tank. After she finishes the note she checks her watch debating whether she should leave to go get Bella. She’d told Anne, Sarah’s mother, she would pick her daughter up by 10:30 this morning. It was only 9:15, but traffic is sometimes a nightmare, and she has to pick up Kaitlin by 11:00. In the end, she decides to stop by the grocery store before she picks up Bella since the store is less than 3 miles away from Anne and Charlie’s house.

By the time Addie, Bella, and Kaitlin get back it’s 10:45. Addison asks the girls to bring the groceries in from the car, and goes upstairs to see if Nate has gotten up yet. As she knocks on the frame of his door, she’s surprised to see that he has finished cleaning his room and is now trying to gets the fish into bowl they go into when their tank is being cleaned. She’s tells him he did a good job with his room, and goes back downstairs where the girls are in the middle of one of their bickering matches.

“I’ve put away at least half of groceries! You put away rest!” Kaitlin snaps at Bella.

“No you haven’t! There are still four bags in the car!” Bella snaps back.

“Well, I put away all of them last time Mom went shopping!”

“No you didn’t!”

“Did too!”

“Did Not!”

“Did Too!”

“Did Not!”

“Enough! Bella, Kaitlin, go get the rest of the bags out of car!”

“But, she…!” Kaitlin started to protest.

“I don’t care who started it! Just Stop, both of you!” Addie snapped, cutting Kaitlin off.

“Sorry, Mom.” They both said looking chastened. Then they went out to the car.

Addison sighed. Both them have very short fuses when they haven’t had a good nights’ rest; but still it wasn’t quite as bad as when all three of them were under the age of 8. She distinctly remembers Derek sending them all to their rooms so they could have a break from each other. After about 20 minutes later, they all came back downstairs and everything was forgotten. The five of them had a great time playing board games as a family the rest of the night, before their bedtimes. The girls ask her what else she needs them to do, since all the groceries have been put away, snapping her back into the present.

“There’s nothing else. Do either of you want to watch a movie?” Addie answers as she glances out the window- it’s starting to pour outside.

“Yeah.” They both answer.

“Great. Bella, would ask your brother if he wants to watch a movie?”

“Sure, Mom.” She answers, as she picks up her overnight bag, and walks up the stairs. 

The Special Two (1/?)

Addison sat out on her back porch watching her son and his friends try to teach a friend, who recently moved to L.A. from Chicago, to surf. Chance was certainly picking it up faster than Nate did when he learned. Her older daughter, Bella, was spending the night at her best friend, Sarah’s house. Kaitlin was at her friend Alicia’s slumber/birthday party.

She is so glad her kids adjusted after moving here 4 years ago. Part of her isn’t surprised; Seattle definitely didn’t have many happy memories for any of them. Why didn’t I try harder to talk to Derek about how much he was working back in New York? If I had maybe we would all be in New York right now. Snapped out of it, Addie, she thought to herself. You like it here, with Pete.

Pete and her stepson James are in Arizona visiting his late wife’s parents. She loves them, but part of her is glad that Pete won’t be here the first time she sees Derek after he, his slutty mistress wife, and their kids move to the same city. I’m happy Derek will be here for the kids. They really miss him during the school year, when he’s not down here for medical conferences. I have to give him credit; he did sign up to come to at least 1 conference here every 1-2 months. We both know the only reason he came to that many conferences was so he could see the kids. Unfortunately for me, just looking at him makes me feel things I shouldn’t be feeling for my ex-husband, especially now that I’ve remarried.

Addie tries to shake away thoughts of her ex-husband as she glances at her watch. 9:30, I need to call the boys in so they can dry off. Their parents will be here to get them in about 30- 45 minutes.  

     “BOYS, IT’S 9:30! YOU NEED TO COME DRY OFF!” Addie shouts, so they can hear her over the crashing waves.

“OKAY, MOM/ DR. SHEPHERD!” they call back. Addie smiles, as they walk up the beach, or out of water. The grins on their faces make it obvious they’ve been having fun.

Once they are all out of the water and at least half way to the porch, Addie walks inside to get some snacks for them to eat, while they are wrapped in their towels. She slips on her favorite sweat shirt, given to her by Derek about 10 years ago, since it is a bit chilly now that the sun has gone down. Then she grabs the plate of snacks and walks back outside.

“Here you go.” she says as she puts the plate of food in the middle of the table.

“Thanks, Dr. Shepherd!” Nate’s friends exclaim.

“Thanks, Mom!” Nate says at the same time.

“You’re Welcome.” Addie replies, then walks back inside so the boys can take advantage of the next 30 minutes. They know I’m just on the other side of the door, and they’re all good kids.

She walks over to the coffee table, gets her pediatric surgery journal, and starts to read. About 25 minutes, or 30 pages, later she comes across an article by Derek. So much for not thinking about your ex-husband. Luckily, Chris’s mom rings the door bell before she starts reading the article.

“Hi, Susie. How are you?”

“I’m good. How are you? How are the new custody arrangements coming along?”

“Okay, his wife’s being a bit of a pain, but what else is new?”

“That’s too bad. It’s a real pain when the 2nd wife tries to make the custody arrangements all about her.”

“Ugh, don’t even get me started on that. Derek and I pretty much agree on everything until his wife gets in the middle of it. Do you want anything to drink?”

“No, thanks. Chris and I need to get going. Ryan has the second part of the baseball tournament tomorrow. The game starts at 7:30, but call me tomorrow if you need to rant. I’ll have plenty of free time between games.” “Chris, we need to go!” Susie calls out the back door.

“7:30!? I hope he does well. I may take you up on that, if I end up having a conversation with his wife.”

Chris walks into the house, and thanks Addie for letting him come over to surf and store his board here. Then Chris and Susie leave, as the rest of the parents trickle in to get their sons, and chat with Addison, while they’re waiting.

The last boy, Chance, and his mom, Andrea, were gone by 10:15. Nate goes back outside to get the, now empty, snack plate and put it in the dishwasher. As he comes back inside, Addie asks:

“Did you and your friends put the boards in the garage?”

“Yep. When is Dad getting here?”

“He said they should be at their new house around 11:00 tomorrow morning, because they’re spending the night in Fresno. You, Kaitlin, and Bella can call him or Meredith around 2:00 to see if they need help.”

“Okay. Can I watch my show on DVR?”

“I don’t know. Can you?”

“Sorry; May I watch my show on DVR?” Nate asked, sounding annoyed.

“You may, after you shower.”


“Keep up that attitude. I may decide you can go straight to bed after your shower.”

“Sorry, Mom.”

“Thanks now go shower before it gets any later.”

“Okay.” Nate walked upstairs. After about 2 minutes, she heard the water start running.

Addie looked around the living room for something to do. She didn’t want to read the journal that she’d been reading before. Her eyes settled on a couple of boxes full of photos that she’d been scanning to the computer, and then putting into photo albums. She still had half of the box on top left. So, she walked over to where the computer and box to get started. They were pictures from 3-4 years ago. She’d been doing the more recent ones when Pete and James were in the house, but after she finished this box the only ones left would the ones from college, med school, and her 1st marriage.

Nate came back downstairs after 20 minutes. He glanced over Addie’s shoulder to see what pictures she was scanning, before walking to the kitchen to make a bag of popcorn. I swear Nate will eat anything that isn’t nailed down, if it’s edible. 20 minutes later, she was done with that box. She didn’t want to start another one, so she walked over to couch and sat next to her son. He was watching an episode from the last season of Lost. He was about 15 minutes into the show, but they’ve both seen it before so she knows what’s going on.

Once the show is over, she tells him he needs to go to bed. He tries to argue, but her “mom look” quickly puts an end to it. They both say good night and I love you, then Nate goes upstairs, and Addie goes to make sure the garage is closed and all the doors leading outside are locked.    











The Special Two- Background

I couldn't get this story idea out of my head, so I decided to write it.


This is an Addek story, with mentions/scenes between MerDer and Paddison, set in L.A. during the month of June 2011. Addison and Derek have 3 kids: Isabella (Bella): 15, Nathanial (Nate): 13, and Kaitlin: 11. They’ve been divorced for 5 years. Meredith and Derek got married 4.5 years ago. Meredith was pregnant in that episode at the beginning of season 3. Addison married Pete 3 years ago. Pete has a 10 year old son, named James, with his late wife, Anna.

I'm bored. So, I'm going to make a list of all the TV show and book characters I love.

1. Blair Waldorf
2. Addison Forbes Montgomery- Shepherd
3. Andromeda (Black) Tonks
4. Lorelai Gilmore
5. Rory Gilmore
6. Serena Van der Woodson
7. Agnes Andrews
8. Nate Archibald
9. Derek Shepherd (only when he was trying with Addie)
10. Derek's sister, Nancy
11. Dan Humphery
12. Fred Weasley
13. Sirius Black
14. Bella Swan
15. Edward Cullen
16. Rosalie Hale
17. Emmett Cullen
18. Jasper Hale
19. Alice Cullen
20. Eric Van der Woodsen

This isn't a complete list. I love pretty much any character from any of these fandoms, except Vanessa Abrams.

Who's your favorite attending on Grey's Anatomy?

Dr. Derek Shepherd
Dr. Preston Burke
Dr. Mark Sloan
Dr. Addison Montgomery
I don't watch Grey's Anatomy

Who's your favorite intern on Grey's Anatomy?


Which one of Rory Gilmore's boyfriends was your favorite?